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Self hypnosis audios are a great tool to support you in your journey to optimum wellbeing and these audios have been tried and tested by hundreds of clients, who have found them to be invaluable. They are not meant to replace the personalised transformational change that you will experience with a well trained hypnotherapist, but they will give you a taste of hypnosis, and support you to shift your mindset towards positive change. 

I recommend that you use your audios when you hop into bed at night. Just press the 'play' button on whichever 'gadget' you download them onto, roll over and go to sleep. You can let your subconscious mind pick up the important pieces and place them where they need to go so that you have fresh, useful data for your mind to draw upon. 

Relax About Exercise

1.  Relax About Exercise $15

Getting motivated to exercise is key when you are wanting to feel good about yourself. Regular exercise will help you to improve fitness, sleep better, lose weight and enhance your general well-being,

Relax about Money

2.  Relax about Money $15

Most people are happy to consider money as just a form of energy, and yet so many people get caught up about it. - I dont deserve it - They wont like me if I have it - I will be judged - Im not worth it Regardless of the stories, beliefs or feelings you currently have about your finances, this relaxing self-hypnosis recording will support you as you begin changing your relationship with abundance and in particular, with money. The intention is to move towards a comfortable flow and openness to abundance.

Relax and Speak

3.  Relax and Speak $15

Public speaking will get easier with the use of this self hypnosis recording. Just pop it on when you go to bed at night, press play and go to sleep while your subconscious mind picks up some helpful new data.

Relax in Your Body

4.  Relax in Your Body $15

Relax in Your Body provides the opportunity for you to be more comfortable in your skin - this is a nice support if you are focused on weightloss.

Relax with Food

5.  Relax with Food $15

Relax with Food is a great self-hypnosis audio in that it provides positive suggestions to your subconscious mind about eating for nourishment and providing your body with what it actually needs rather than eating for less helpful reasons. This is a good hypnosis audio to play when you go to bed at night.

Stop Think Do

6.  Stop Think Do $20

Learn how to stop and listen to your body. Your body knows what it needs, and it knows when it is full. This audio will help you to attend to the messages your body is sending you so that you relax, and eat the right foods in the right quantity for you.

The Captain

7.  The Captain $15

This one is for the kids, or perhaps the child within you? A number of my clients use it as a bedtime story for their children and swear by it, saying that their children not only sleep better, but are more relaxed after using it for awhile. It's a story that allows your child to have an adventure in which they become more more able to do what they want to do.



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