Low Self-Esteem

March 5, 2018

Self-esteem is perhaps the most under-valued part of what makes up our mental health. At worst, it can lead you to do things you’d never normally consider doing – poor relationship choice, drinking heavily and substance abuse are classic symptoms of low self-esteem – but at best it can propel you to achievements and courses of action, that are immeasurably good for your well-being. Self-esteem is a powerful tool for good, or bad. [...]

Hypnosis in the News

February 12, 2018

Articles, reports and interviews on hypnosis that demonstrate how hypnotherapy is being used to resolve a range of conditions that include, disordered eating, irritable bowel syndrome and enhance weightloss. [...]

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy Extend Further Than You Think

February 1, 2018

As a therapist, I’m often surprised by how people perceive what I do. Many of them think of hypnotherapy as only beneficial to the client. Some people even find it indulgent or selfish. What I wish they could understand is how beneficial personal change work can be, not just on a personal and social level, but also for businesses and communities. [...]

Choosing Life

January 3, 2018

An important step in living your life in a state of happiness is finding your personal centre, your place of power. In some traditions this place of power is referred to as the hara (meaning oceans of energy) and is said by yogis and mystics to be located in the region of the physcial body just a few inches below the navel. Researchers on the other hand talk about the locus of control which equates to our sense of control over our lives and whether or not we have the power to determine our own path. [...]

How To Recognise A Panic Attack

December 13, 2017

Panic attacks are a sudden feeling of extreme anxiety that can occur even if you’re not feeling particularly stressed or anxious about anything at the time. Trying to figure out what it\'s all about and how to sort it out on your own can take you part of the way, but for most people, to really get things sorted - a bit of a hand is required. To recognise a panic attack, read on [...]

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