What is the Keto Diet - and Does it Work?

September 2, 2017

In addition to weight loss, following the keto diet can also be beneficial for a number of health conditions. Diabetes and some forms of epilepsy are the most well-known, but researchers are finding that the keto diet may also help people with acne, polycystic ovary syndrome, cancer, neurological issues like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and, believe it or not, high blood pressure and heart disease! [...]

Is Alcohol A Problem

July 6, 2017

Alcohol can become a problem gradually. You might be relying on it on a regular basis to relax and wind down from a day at work. Maybe you can\'t settle without a couple of beers, or a few glasses of wine. Maybe you\'ve wondered at times if you\'re actually an alcoholic? [...]

The Other Side of Anti-Depressants

June 1, 2017

In many cases, it’s possible to manage or beat depression without medication. Some of my clients want to get off antidepressants, and I strongly urge them to do this under the guidance of their GP, and with the approval of their psychiatrist, if they have one. It is a process that has to be managed very well. But making the change can be well worth it. [...]

Create a Rhythm and Hold your Vision

May 4, 2017

Whether you want to start eating better, exercising, going to bed earlier, or making more time for your life (as opposed to just being a working machine) - it's all about rhythm. Creating a rhythm is essential to sustaining any positive life change or good habit and how do you do that? [...]

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