Choosing The Right Therapist for You

April 23, 2017

Free to choose, and as Aussies we hold freedom high, yet with it comes responsibility. Deciding who you will engage to support you to move forward in your life is an important consideration and there are a few things to look for. [...]

A Therapists Thoughts on Overcoming Depression

April 9, 2017

Sometimes depression is due to mental disorders or chemical imbalances. But in many cases, it comes from somewhere else. After years of working with people suffering from this condition, my belief is that the second kind of depression is something that develops through a sense of helplessness -- in psychological terms, an external locus of control. [...]

The Healing Power of Touch

March 30, 2017

Being touched has impressive effects – and so, it turns out, does touching. Researchers have found that all the good things - like a reduction in stress hormones and a boost in oxytocin ( the ‘feel-good hormone') happen to the toucher as well as the touchee! [...]

Natural Remedies to Combat Anxiety

February 25, 2017

Here are some non-medical stress relief options you might want to try. They aren’t advertised in magazines or newspapers, have often been proven effective by legitimate scientific or academic studies, they promise relief, but not miracles, they won’t put you in danger and they aren't any of them 'snake oil'. [...]

Sleep for Good Health

January 21, 2017

Do you feel irritable or stressed? Do you have a hard time concentrating? Not sleeping enough can lead to a myriad of unhelpful issues and there is research to back this up. There are some easy steps that you can follow to help you get more shut-eye... [...]

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