Vitamin C

October 1, 2013

We all enjoy a bit of magic and I think in terms of vitamins, magic must start with C. Of course it is generally accepted that to ward off colds and flu we must keep those vitamin C tablets going in the mouth along with some good fresh orange juice but evidently it can do much more. According to Irwin Stone author of The Healing Factor, vitamin c can knock out numerous viruses including poliomyelitis, hoof and mouth and even herpes when the right dosages are administered. In the 1930's Vitamin C was the new 'magic bullet' that later got pushed to the back of the shelf after some poorly managed comparisons made early scientific evidence look indecisive. [...]

Calm Energy

September 1, 2013

Apparently if you want to be less tired and have more energy, exercise is the answer!In a study published in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics in 2008, University of Georgia researchers found that... [...]

Transactions with Positive Power

August 1, 2013

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique (not electronic funds transfer) and just recently its gone mainstream and positive! If you havent had a session of EFT with me you will definately be wondering what Im talking about, so for the uninitiated, it is a series of light tapping movements that are done mainly on the face and upper body on acupuncture points and along what the Chinese call meridians. [...]

Feeling Happy

July 1, 2013

It\'s as easy as a 30 minute walk! True. According to a study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, a 30 minute walk will increase your sense of well-being exponentially. [...]

Loveland Colorado

June 1, 2013

It's probably not politically correct to say so but surely only in America would there be a place called Loveland? Well regardless of the name I am on my way there to do some Post Graduate training with the esteemed Dr Estes who is touted as a living resource in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. [...]



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