I Feel Pretty

April 22, 2018

Amy Schumer as Renee Bennett in the movie, I Feel Pretty, demonstrates how your self-esteem can hold you back or propel you into something entirely different. Awesome, fearless and awe inspiring, Hollywood shows us its all about mental attitude. [...]

The Cost of Your Addiction

March 24, 2018

Smoking is recognised as a serious and costly addiction, but how much is it actually costing you? Have you ever done the math? And of course it is not just about money. [...]

Low Self-Esteem

March 5, 2018

Self-esteem is perhaps the most under-valued part of what makes up our mental health. At worst, it can lead you to do things you’d never normally consider doing – poor relationship choice, drinking heavily and substance abuse are classic symptoms of low self-esteem – but at best it can propel you to achievements and courses of action, that are immeasurably good for your well-being. Self-esteem is a powerful tool for good, or bad. [...]

Hypnosis in the News

February 12, 2018

Articles, reports and interviews on hypnosis that demonstrate how hypnotherapy is being used to resolve a range of conditions that include, disordered eating, irritable bowel syndrome and enhance weightloss. [...]



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