Aromatherapy Oils for Different Levels of Stress

eucalyptus oil and aromatherapyLevels of Stress

In a previous blog, I shared with you the names of some of the essential oils that you can use for addressing stress reduction. Today Id like to make it easier for you to make the best possible choice of aromatherapy oil by sharing some information on the different levels of stress and the right type of essential oils to treat it.

In the symptoms of negative stress there are varying degrees of severity and if we break them up into four levels it might look like this;

Level One Stress
* Lack of motivation. * Irritability. * Headaches. * Insomnia.

These symptoms are usually considered to be of 'no consequence'. At this level, the essential oils known as Relaxants are the oils required.

Level Two Stress
* Anxiety. *Apathy. * Feelings of helplessness. * Persistent infections. * Muscle pain.

At this level Stimulants are required to disperse negativity and to boost the immune system.

Level Three Stress
* Despair. * Agoraphobia. * Claustrophobia. * Persecution complex. * Immune system goes down.

At this level symptoms are usually focussed at the mental level. Relaxants are required, and perhaps one of the Hypnotics could be used in the aromatherapy blend, so two relaxants and one hypnotic.

Level Four Stress
* Heart problems. * High blood pressure. * Ulcers. * Arthritis. * Unexplained pain.

At this level the stress symptoms are very serious. The plant oils known as hypnotics would be used to provide support when this level of stress is being experienced.

Essential Oils for Stress

* Sandalwood * Lavender * Marjoram * Rose * Orange * Vetiver * Geranium * Clary Sage * Neroli * Roman Chamomile * German *Chamomile * Lemon * Nutmeg * Pettigrain * Rosewood

I tend to utilise the Relaxant Oils, mostly for Level 1 and Level 3 symptoms.

* Rose * Jasmine * Valerian * Carnation * Narcissus * Jonquil * Spikenard * Vetiver * Tuberose
These oils can act as heavy sedatives and are used to treat Level 4 symptoms. It is often beneficial to use one of these in a blend when addressing symptoms at Levels 2 and 3.

* Lavender * Geranium * Lemon * Neroli
Used in moderation, these oils act as relaxants, in quantity they are stimulants.

*Rosemary *Basil * Grapefruit * Ginger *Black Pepper * Coriander * Cardamom * Lemon * Lime * Nutmeg * Palmarosa * Thyme

There are numerous ways to bring the healing art and the science of aromatherapy into your everyday life; common methods are bathing, vapourisers and diffusers, and through inclusion in personal care products. I'll share some ideas and suggestions with you on this in the near future. 

If you would like to learn more about Aromatherapy and how you might use it for yourself and your family and friends check out the workshops page here



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