Being Mindful


mindfulnessMindfulness is a snazzy term that people like to throw around these days. One description for mindfulness is;

“A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations”.

There’s been a fair bit of research that demonstrates that practicing mindfulness will keep you in the current moment and as a result stress is reduced, perhaps even eliminated. And that makes sense.

If you want to check out your stress levels, you can take the mindfulness stress test. When you are ‘in the moment’ it is just not possible to overthink, worry or stress about what is happening tomorrow or next week. Right? So, in effect, practicing mindfulness will eliminate the possibility of doing anticipatory anxiety. Anyone who has spent weeks worrying about doing a presentation or performance, imagining in their mind how badly it could go, has put themselves into a state as though the event has occurred in the imagined way. This kind of anticipation is very damaging; emotionally, mentally and physically.

There’s actually a Mindful magazine, and they give a great explanation of what Mindfulness is and talk at length about mindfulness as a meditation practice. You can check that out here.

Being mindful of what is going on within and around you, includes having an awareness of the thoughts that you are thinking. This awareness of the thoughts you are running is a key to getting real control in your life and it’s something that I teach to clients and students of The Transformation Programme.

In truth, mindfulness is not complicated, quite the opposite in fact. It’s about managing your thoughts, which directly impacts your feelings and physical reactions, and of course mindfulness encourages an observational, rather than a judgmental attitude. None of these things are complicated, but they require focused attention and a lot of practice. Being mindful is a way of life, it is a reflective, meditative way of moving through the world and a skill that is definitely worth developing.



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