Big Rocks

Big Rocks

big rocksThere is a great little exercise that I use from time to time in coaching sessions called 'Big Rocks' and it helps you to get clear on what is important and what is not. The story goes like this;

A teacher is addressing his class. He fills a jug with big rocks and asks the class if it's full. The class responds with a "Yes". So, he adds pebbles to the jug. He asks again if it's full and again the class responds, "Yes". He says, "No"and now adds sand to the jug.

The sand and the pebbles represent the small daily tasks we fill our lives with. If we don't fit our big rocks in first, our lives fill with only sand and pebbles. BUT, if we start with our big rocks, we create room for whats important in life - and the sand and the pebbles can only fill the spaces in between.

If you'd like to take yourself through the Big Rocks Exercise that I use when Im coaching people, you can download the tool to do so right here.



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