Funding Counselling for Employees Pays Off

Funding Counselling for Employees Pays Off

counselling for your workersHere are some interesting considerations for employers who are weighing benefits against cost in putting an Employee Assistance Program in place in their business;

  • On average, few employees use the EAP so it is not a burden to employers, and overall a good support for employees that pays off for employers. In fact, a recent IBIS report suggestes the usage rate in certain industries could be as low as 5%.
    Increased productivity and decreased absences - The IBIS industry report found that across client organisations, the average return on investment due to improvements in employee productivity was over $10,000 per client employee. The report also showed that there was a decrease of almost one day off in the following eight weeks after client employees discussed personal, family or workplace issues.
  • A large decrease in absenteeism can be a major contributor to employee cost savings and increased work efficiency.
    Employee Assistance Programs are fully tax deductible through Work Health and Safety and HR initiatives.
    Untreated stress and other issues can lead to problems like insomnia and addiction.
  • A recent study by QBE Insurance found that car accidents, one of the leading causes of hospital visits in Australia, are most often caused by issues like distractedness or fatigue.
    Fatigue is the leading cause of workplace accidents, according to Lifehacker Australia. Using therapy to sort out or cope with stress means increased safety.
  • The cost of employee turnover in Australia was extimated at $3.8 billion in lost productivity and $385 million in avoidable recruitment costs. One of the ways to improve this is to help employees with stress, depression, and other mental health issues through counselling.

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