Rebates for Hypnotherapy and Counselling Services

hypnotherapy rebates and how to get themSo How Does the Rebate Thing Work?

It seems that it is getting a bit tougher to get a rebate from some health funds, but interestingly enough, there are many health funds that do offer rebates for hypnosis, and some that do for counselling as well.  There is a current listing of those funds here.

Some of the funds do have special requirements. For example, the CUA Health Fund will provide a rebate for hypnotherapy services you have paid for, up to the value of $200 per family, but you will need to have a doctors letter stating that you are having that hypnotherapy for;

  • Stress management
  • Weightloss
  • Stop smoking

Likewise, the fund known as has a couple of different ways to claim a rebate. The first is by completing one of the funds forms which has to be signed off by your GP and you will get $200 back. To get a further $300 rebate you access your Natural Health Therapy cover, and this one does not require a GP's signature on it.

Obviously it pays to know the ins and outs of your health fund so it is always best to contact them direct to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Because of the myriad of funds and different levels of cover, it can at times get a little confusing. Here at Transformational Therapy, you will pay for your session or package of sessions, and we will provide you with a receipt which you can then submit to your health fund in order to get your rebate.

If your preferred fund does not offer a rebate for these services, remember that you do have the power to change that. As you know, hypnosis is a powerful tool, even life changing, so if you want your fund to cover hypnotherapy and/or counselling, you need to tell them.

If you are open to creating postive change by you telling your fund that you want hypnosis covered, you can download this form, fill in the blanks and get it through to your health fund.

Obviously the more people who do that, the more pressure there will be on the health funds to include hypnotherapy in their packages, and that can only be a good thing.

Be The Change!



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