Is Alcohol A Problem

are-you-drinking-too-muchSo many people are feeling stressed these days. There is just so much to do, to be, and to get done. For some folks, switching off at the end of the day takes quite a bit, and some struggle to reach that place, and turn to external substances like medications, alcohol or even illicit drugs.

Here are the thoughts of author Paul Kelly on the connection between excessive use of alcohol and anxiety and I think he is onto something here.

I often have clients come in, who have concerns about whether or not they have a drinking probem. Most of the time, after a bit of conversation, we discover that it is a combination of stress and anxiety that is the real problem - not the alcohol. The fear being an alcoholic drifts away as they realise that, the over use of alcohol is a choice that is being made to bring stress levels down.

Thankfully, by making small and manageable lifestyle changes, and with a bit of support, stress can be reduced. As the anxiety goes, so does the reliance on alcohol to help you relax. In fact it's interesting just how quickly you can make significant changes to your behaviour. For some people, swapping things out can work really well, and for others its about adding in simple things like a walk at night after work, or they'll take a class at the gym or do some boxing to 'offload' the weight of the day

Its such a relief for people to realise that there is no drinking problem after all - nothing that cant be fixed quite quickly and easily as you gain perspective and start to look at things logically. 

Drinking responsibly means different things to different people, and here are a few tips, but usually, managing life on a bigger scale is what helps you to be responsible in your actions with alcohol and drinking. For example;

  • Dont expect too much of yourself.
  • Learn to say no - be realistic about what you can actually get done in one day.
  • Get into the habit of having enough sleep, it's important, and you can read my post for more on this.
  • Do some physical exercise so you can unwind at the end of a busy day. 
  • Have a shower when you get home from work, wash the day away and change into 'home' clothes.
  • Drink enough water - the brain doesnt work properly if it is dehydrated.

is alcohol causing you a problem

So stop stressing. Think about what you are doing, make a few adjustments, perhaps download the free self-hypnosis audio thats available at the bottom of my homepage. If you feel that you want a bit of a hand to get things sorted, you can call us at Transformational Therapy on 0409777116.



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