Natures Response for Emotional Support

Australian Bush Flower Essences

jacaranda and its healing propertiesThe Australian Bush has been the source of food, haven and healing for the indigenous people of this land for centuries. Traditional aboriginal people maintain a 'connection' with the land, and the plants and animals that are a part of it.

As a part of this connection, traditional people have understood the medicinal uses of plants, their story and their gift to us, and flower essences are indeed a gift that brings balance and harmony when they are utilised.

Do They Work?
As you can imagine, the use of Flower Essences for healing might sound a bit too far out to some people, particularly logical 21st century folk, however in just the same way that we dont see electricity, we know that it is there, and reading this post on an electrically charged device is evidence of that; wherever you go these days, you can see objects that are powered by this unseen force we call electricity.

A very interesting study was done using the Bach Flower Remedies (Englands version of the Australin Bush Flower Essences or ABFE), which demonstrates that the well known combination of flower essences know as 'Rescue Remedy,' was effective in controlling glycemia, triglycerides, and HDL-cholesterol in the rats used in the experiment. The scientists conclusion from the study, is that flower essences may indeed serve as a strategy, for reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

From a more 'folk medicine' perspective, the use of specific plants in healing can be connected to something called the Doctrine of Signatures, the principle of which, is that there is a relationship between the anatomy of people and the colour, odour, shape, taste and texture of plants, and that in this relationship lie the clues to the plants healing effects. A good example of this is the Blue Gum Eucalyptus; imagine it upside down, and you will see for yourself the astounding similarity in physical structure to the human respiratory system. It is the respiratory system of course which this plant heals most profoundly - interesting yes?

How Do I Use Flower Essences?
Up to three different essences are combined to create your personalised 'healing prescription' , and through the use of images and intuition, you will choose the essences for yourself. The flower essences are added to brandy infused water. The idea is that you take 7 drops of the mixture morning and night either in a glass of water or you can place the drops under your tongue. The essence blend is taken for two to three weeks or until finished.

Most people find themselves a little surprised at just how appropriate their choice of flower essences is, and although they work on the subtle energetic level, the consensus is that the Bush Flower Essences have a powerful and positive impact on the body, the mind and in healing the emotions.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences aren't going to be for everyone, in fact many of my clients would not even know about them, but for those people who may be open to using this kind of 'vibrational medicine' they can be a lovely adjunct to personal change work - its all about what works best for you.



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