Simple Weightloss Tips That Really Work

7 Simple Winter Weightloss Tips 

7 simple weightloss tips that really work

Shedding a few kilos in the winter months is the best preparation for the super slim you, that you'd like to be when spring rolls around. 

Eats lots of vegetables and nourishing soups - its best not to sample too many carbs in the winter, but do eat lots of warm foods; it keeps the inner fire burning. 

Get lots of sleep - science says that if you dont get enough sleep, your body wont drop excess weight, and a range of unhelpful behaviours like snacking late at night are common, so get what you need.

Move your body - it will raise your metabolism. You may need to move more than you normally would to heat the body, so go a little harder than normal. Do remember that there are many ways to move your body, here are just a few;
- Hot Yoga (if you are in Albury you might try the Balancing Buddha or in Wodonga the Green Room)
- Swim in the heated pool
- Walk by the river, on a walking machine if it is raining, or at home you can walk on the spot
- Make love, according to an article in Womans Day, half an hour of sex burns 144 calories or more
- Run or Jog
- Ride a bike
- Lift some weights at the gym or a couple of tins of pineapple juice in front of the TV

Drink water - with the heater on you can get dehyrdated just as you would in the summer months. Water is essential for optimum wellbeing and weight management and there are quite a few studies to suppport this. One example is a study conducted at Virginia Tech in 2010 that reported that obese dieters already following a calorie controlled diet who also consumed two glass of water before each meal lost significantly more weight than non-water drinkers.

Reduce your alcohol intake - beer and wine represent empty calories that dont nourish you in any way. If its a release from stress, use exercise or meditation instead.

Breathe - breath is life, and there are some very specific breathing practices that support weightloss.

Visualise - whether it is Coue's Law, Quantum Mechanics, or something else entirely, research has found that when your mind enters the state of deep relaxation brought on by visualization, it becomes primed for suggestion, so imagine yourself the way you want to be.

The Transformation Program can help you get your head in the right place for successful long term weightloss, and help you stay there. If you'd like to talk with Karen about what might be possible for you, call her at Transformational Therapy on 0409777116.

Oh and just as an aside, you might like to check out some self-hypnosis audios to jump start you on the road to weightloss. 



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