The Benefits of Hypnotherapy Extend Further Than You Think

the benefits of therapy extend further than you thinkAs a therapist, I’m often surprised by how people perceive what I do. Many of them think of change work as only beneficial to the client. Some people even find it indulgent or selfish. What I wish they could understand is how beneficial hypnotherapy can be, not just on a personal and social level, but also for businesses and communities. Therapy itself has a number of benefits. Here are just a few:

- It can give anyone the tools to cope with problems in life. There are many types of psychotherapy. But the goal of all therapy is ultimately about finding ways to address and comfortably cope with issues that are blocking you from being your best self. A good therapist will teach mindsets and strategies for dealing with current challenges, ones that stem from past issues, and the ones that may be encountered in the future.

- It provides a healthy space for airing ideas and feelings. A therapist isn’t connected to their client in an emotional, family, or social way. This means there’s no judgment and no fear of insulting a mutual friend, questioning a family tradition, and so on. Without that baggage, clients can discuss their thoughts openly and honestly in a safe and confidential environment.

- It has a positive impact on relationships. Anxiety, depression, and other issues can put a strain on relationships. Coping with or overcoming these problems will vastly improve a person’s outlook and increase interaction with others. This is the therapeutic gift that keeps on giving: one of the most important mental health boosters is positive social interactions with friends and loved ones.

- It increases community safety. Untreated stress and other issues can lead to problems like insomnia and addiction. While it’s easy to make a connection between substance abuse and violence, crime, and accidents, fatigue is a less noticeable but even more impactful problem. A recent study by QBE Insurance found that car accidents, one of the leading causes of hospital visits in Australia, are most often caused by issues like distractedness or fatigue. Fatigue is also the leading cause of workplace accidents, according to Lifehacker Australia. Using therapy to sort out or cope with stress means less danger to others.

- It helps companies save money. If it goes unacknowledged and untreated, a problem in an employee’s life (regardless of whether it stems from home or work) can impact their performance, affecting a company’s bottom line. This could mean increased costs through absenteeism, lower productivity or the cost of having to replace that skilled worker with someone new if the employee leaves. The latter alone can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

-…which means savings to the community. A successful local economy means more tax revenue and other benefits to the community. And of course, a community is made up of individuals. It’s estimated that mental health issues cost taxpayers millions of dollars per year. By encouraging people to seek help through therapy, that number could drop significantly, but most importantly, the individuals in our community flourish. 



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