The Cost of Your Addiction

the costWhen you consider that you can buy a house in Wodonga for around $250,000.00 or as I saw in The Border Mail last Saturday a flat in Albury for less than $120,000... you might start to think about how good it would feel to have your own place or your own investment property.

If you'd like to do your own additions...a packet of 30 tailor made cigarettes from the local garage was $24.95 last week. So if on average you are smoking 20 cigarettes a day you are spending $124.75 a week or $6,487.00 per year. Right? And if you smoke double that or your partner is smoking the same, you are burning close to $13,000.00 per year.

How quickly would your personal wealth increase if you stopped and put that money into the purchase of a flat? I guess you'd have it paid for in ten years or around that time frame right?..... And if you were renting it out to someone and their rent was going towards the payments as well, it would be paid for in far less time and soon enough, before you know it, you'd have income coming to you.

Let's not even multiply the number of years you have been smoking, because the very idea of having smoked away thousands upon thousands of dollars on a habit that has been adversely affecting your physical health might make you cringe.

The Cost of Your Addiction
Clearly, the cost is high and it's hitting more than the back pocket. Healthwise it's a bit of an issue. Cancer, infertility, gum disease, blindness, its generally accepted that smoking negatively impacts the health in numerous ways so why do people keep doing it?Fundamentally it is a lack of understanding, a feeling of powerlessness and the belief that the cigarettes have power over you.

The core of the change work that we do here at Transformational Therapy is about power, YOUR POWER. Learning to access it, to recognise the resources you already have within you, and think in a way that holds you in your power. It is these things that will ensure that an inanimate object like a cigarette, will never have power over you again.

If you are genuinely ready to get free of your addiction, call us at Transformational Therapy. You can speak to Karen personally on 0409777116.



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