The Rewards of Stress

Some people get too uptight about being stressed, nut deciding to stay stressed can have its rewards.Here are some of the benefits;

too much to do and stressing outStress helps you seem important.
Someone as stressed as you must be doing something terribly important.

It helps you maintain personal distance. Let's face it, relationships are a hassle, and if you seem stressed, people won’t come near.

You can avoid responsibility.
Your supervisor wont dare give you more work - you are so stressed.

You can get a cheap chemical thrill.
Adrenalin is the cheapest drug on the market and similiar in effect to amphetamines.

Stress is a cheap form of penance.
If you look stressed other people will know you are paying for your wrongs, for example, having a job, being a public servant, or breathing.

Stress can help you be an authoritarian manager, parent or partner.
When an organisation or household is in crisis it is okay to say to people that they had better do what you say.

And mostly, stress helps you avoid being successful.
Afterall, how can you proceed with ______________ (fill in the blank) when you are so stressed ??????

So, a bit of fun right? But there is a heck of a lot of truth in this too dont you think?



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