What is Transformational Therapy?

It’s such a good question really, “What is transformational therapy?” And the answer to that is a simple one; A transformational therapy is a curative process that produces a big change or improvement in a person, a place or a situation. And that’s what we are going for here – a big change or improvement – nothing more, and nothing less.

transform with hypnosis

Psychotherapy is the treatment of nervous disorders by psychological methods, but therapy is the treatment of a condition by some remedial, rehabilitating or curative process – so the word therapy opens things up, allowing us to use a variety of tools, techniques or modalities either individually or in conjunction with each other to affect the desired change.

You are a unique human being, with many facets, different aspects to your personality and lots of different experiences that you bring along with you as your history or foundation – all of this makes you who you are. So, when you have something going on, that you want to adjust, or need to change, it simply makes sense that how that needs to happen - for you to get where you want to go - is going to be specific to you.

When we look at the word transformation, we understand that it creates a sense of movement – a feeling of moving away from, or a move towards something that is new or better. It is through this movement that transformation takes place. There will be a change, a shift in appearance, or character or personality, and like the metamorphosis we see of the caterpillar to butterfly, that transformational change can appear to happen like magic – but in fact it is a natural process that we can expect to happen when certain elements are brought together at the right time.

Transformational Therapy is about getting significant change, change that lasts. It’s about you moving into the truth of who you are and holding your space, your way.

Like the pupa who has to break out of the cocoon to become the majestic butterfly, it’s not going to just happen to you, because there are no magic pills. But, there is support, there is knowledge and information that you really can implement - and a new way of thinking and feeling that results from that. Whether you want to be the better, or the very best version of yourself,or maybe you just want a good nights sleep, you know that if you keep doing what you’ve always done – nothing will change.

You decide how much change you want to make.

You know, some people want to know what it’s like to work with me, and for that I send them to a testimonials page because usually what they really want to know is whether this is going to work for them. Occasionally someone wants to know exactly how it works, or they will say “What exactly do you do?” But the truth is that whether we are doing coaching or hypnosis or using some other tool for change, like NLP for example, that’s a difficult question to answer – because no two people are the same. So how it works for you, and what you need, and how you need me to be so that you can work things out, may well be quite different to someone else’s requirements. In other words, we dont know how its going to be, until it is.

Remember, transformational therapy is a curative process that produces a big change or a measurable improvement in a person or their situation, and that’s what it’s all about. 



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