Activated Counselling


Most people seek counselling when a problem emerges in their life, one that feels too big to deal with on their own. Counselling provides a safe and confidential space, in which to explore the situation or issue, so that you can determine how you can best deal with it.

With counselling you get to;burning up

  • Reflect on your thoughts and feelings
  • Be heard, and have a witness to your exploration
  • Consider your own behaviours and responses
  • Have emotional support
  • Discover your hidden resources

Different Times, Different Tools

Activated counselling is what's on offer here at Transformational Therapy, and it's not going to be the pefect fit for everyone. If you are in a place where you feel that you need to talk about the problem over and over, and revisit it in each of your sessions, for the whole of your session - then activated counselling may not be for you. 

Activated counselling is, as you can imagine from its name, a bit more action oriented. Activated counselling, as it is delivered here at Transformational Therapy is more directive, in that it is focussed on you moving through the problem, beyond it, and over to the other side. The process of activated counselling does allow you the opportunity to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and attitudes, but in a more condensed way, for that is only a part of its purpose. Activated counselling is more about recognition and acceptance of what is, then a discovery process to determine the resources and attributes that need to be drawn on, or the tools and techniques you might need to learn or apply, to move you along your path, so that the problem quickly lies behind you, back in the past.

I always think that each person is a complete individual, unique - and when you are traversing lifes journey, you want a solution that is going to suit you and your own particular point on the path. Irreverent as it may seem, I think of choosing a counsellor, coach or therapist, and a way of working through problems, as a bit like the process of choosing a club from the golf bag. We each have our own personal preference about which iron to use, we tend to feel more comfortable and confident with one over another, -  right?

How Much & How Long?in pain

Standard sessional fees apply for Activated Counselling and you can find them at the bottom of this page. As with coaching programs and hypnotherapy, packages will offer you the best value. The first session is always longer, usually an hour and a half, and thereafter, the standard ongoing sessions run for up to an hour. Most people find that valuable and measureable change has occurred within six sessions, so that would be the general recommendation. If you are seeking counselling solutions through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) click through to this page for more information, or contact me by phone on 0409777116.

Sessions can be done in person here at the clinic in Albury, or by distance via Skype, Facetime, or by telephone. For some people, the convenience of online or phone sessions from their own home or office is paramount - there is a saving in time and money by not having to travel, you get to access the service from wherever you are located, and frankly, depending on your personality, you may find that its more comfortable in your own physical surrrounds to talk about your situation. 

If you would like to make an appointment, or need to have a quick phone chat to determine if Activated Counselling is for you, then you can call Karen direct on 0409777116. If you get voicemail, do leave a  message with your number so she can call you back, or email



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