Flower Essence Vibrational Medicine


The Australian Bush has been the source of food, haven and healing for the indigenous people of this land for centuries and it is exactly this type of energetic connection between human and plant kingdom that creates balance and wholeness.

Selecting the specific ingredients for your Australian Bush Flower Essence remedy is most often done intuitively with the use of beautiful gloss photographs of the plants themselves. You will work through the images yourself until there are three for us to begin to work with.

The essences are taken morning and night – just seven drops under the tongue or taken in a glass of water. This is gentle and subtle yet the treatment works quickly and efficiently. When taken as directed your Essence should last about two weeks.

Flower EssencesFlower Essences are vibrational medicine and are made by placing the flowers into clear pure water contained in crystal, and then placed under the light of the sun which assists the transference of the plants vibrational frequency and thus its healing properties into the water. This water becomes the mother tincture from which our stock medicine is extracted.

The process itself is simple yet it requires incredible sensitivity and telepathic connection with the plants in order to gain clear directive on the healing effects provided as well as the accompanying psychological benefits.

Creating your personal Australian Bush Flower Essence can be done in a standard Counselling or Hypnotherapy session or done in conjunction with your Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) consultation (regular fees apply) and if that is the case, there is only a small additional fee to cover the cost of the Essence.



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