Percussive Suggestive Technique or PSTEC

PSTEC is an auditory tool that I've been using in the clinic with my clients for many years. It creates a change in emotional charge, response and thinking, that is surprisingly fast and very effective.

The PSTEC audio tracks are made up of a specific combination of clicks, tones and deep suggestion in combination with what is referred to as pattern interrupts that shift the 'charge' on the problem you are focussing on while you are listening to them.

To use the audios effectively you need to follow these simple steps;

  1. Identify the problem: Think about the problem you want to resolve, for example it might be that you feel anxious when you are about to get on a bus.
  2. Rate the severity of the problem: Remember that time when you were feeling incredibly anxious about getting on a bus and rate the severity of that feeling on a scale of 1 to 10 where the number 10 represents it being a really big problem and 0 represents it not being a problem. 
  3. Clearing the problem: Play the click track and throughout the whole of the recording keep remembering that time and the feeling that you got.  
  4. Noting the change: At the end of the click track notice the shift and record for yourself to what degree the severity has lessened. 
  5. Keep going: You can replay the audio up to three times in a row in order to get it down to a zero rating so that the problem is no longer a problem. If it is not down to zero after three plays, just take a break and run the track again the next day or after taking a walk or having a break of some kind.

To purchase click tracks for use at home simply click this link.

That Important Stuff Again;
Stay with that one problem until you get it down to a 0 and then move onto something else.
Tim Phiz the creator of PSTEC suggests that you don’t use the Click Track more than three times in a row so be sure to take his advice and take a break after using the click track two or three times. 

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