Trypophobia is a Fear of Holes

A Fear of Holes

trypophobia is a fear of holesTrypophobia is a fear of small holes, the kind you would see in the froth of your coffee, on top of a boiled toffee, or in the kitchen sponge on your sink at home. It is an irrational fear that makes no sense to the sufferer but feels completely overwhelming.

Typical Symptoms

At this point in time there is no defined set of symptoms for someone suffering from trypophobia, however these symptoms are commonly mentioned;

  • Fear of holes
  • Fear
  • Sense of disgust
  • Crawling skin
  • Desire to escape
  • Nervousness
  • Shuddering
  • Sweaty palms

What Causes Trypophobia

The cause of trypophobia is still to be determined according to some experts, but like most serious fears and phobias, there is a strong and defining link between the style of thinking the sufferer is doing, and the feared object or situation. Quite often there has been a situation in which the sufferer has experienced a fright of some kind - for example a bee sting, and the mind has connected that feeling of pain or discomfort with the honeycomb in the hive nearby. Once that kind of connection has been made, the mind can run the memory over and over in such a way that the emotion experienced at the time of the sting is built out of proportion to the actual event. With continous replay, the uncomfortable event, memory or image can develop into a phobia.

Treatment for Trypophobia

There are various ways to treat tyrpophobia; hypnosis, talk therapies but the most effective method to resolve phobias quickly and permanently is through a combination of traditional and innovative therapies such as the ones we utilise here at Transformational Therapy. Treatment programs are customised to get you the change you need. 

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