Wedding Chill Pill

Wedding Chill Pill

Are you Going Nuts?
Feeling Stressed?

Are you worried about the shoes, the wedding dress, the speeches, the in-laws, the money, the wedding cake? Or is it the music? Perhaps it's the bridal waltz, the wedding cars, the embossing on the invitations or the travel arrangements for the honeymoon? And then maybe its something else that's causing concern.

Hypnosis is the Ultimate Chill Pill. So regardless of whether its just a simple case of overwhelm, the need to take it easy and enjoy the whole glorious experience of making a commitment to the person you most love in the world, you can relax.

The Wedding Chill Pill which is a series of totally personalised hypno-relax sessions will take you from;

  • Anxious to Amazing
  • Beast through to Babe
  • Crazy to Content

It really is as Simple as A B C

Wedding Nerves

And if there is someone who is freaking out about having to stand up and deliver a speech, whether it is the Father of the Bride, the Best Man or any member of the Bridal Party, then be assured that hypnosis can help. This  series of relaxing hypnotherapy sessions will have you back on top and in control of things in no time.

Weddings are a Celebration of Love and should be fun and filled with Laughter and Joy. So whether this is for you, or intended as a gift for the betrothed you can call Karen direct on 0409 777 116 to discuss your needs.



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