Health Funds & Fees

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Private Health Fund Rebates

A number of health funds offer rebates for Hypnotherapy and your ability to claim a rebate from your fund will be determined by a number of variables. Please contact your fund and enquire about your coverage prior to your first consultation to assure yourself of your entitlements.

Funds that usually cover consultations;

  • Australian Unity
  • CBHS
  • Credicare Health Fund ( a doctors letter stating that you are having the hypnotherapy for stress management or to quit smoking is required)
  • Doctors Health Fund (for counselling sessions where you have either Top Extras or Top Hospital Cover)
  • Grand United Health
  • HBF
  • Health Care Insurance Limited (cover Stop Smoking and Weight Loss programs) (two ways to claim from them - one requires their Health Maintenance form to be signed by your doctor and it can be accessed via this link
  • Health Partners
  • Medibank Private (different rules for members who joined prior to April 2011 with highest axillary package)
  • Navy Health Fund
  • Phoenix Welfare (if you have ancillary cover)
  • Police Health Fund (effective April 1st 2018) – Eligible members will be able to claim up to $80 per session. There is an annual maximum of $850 per person, with a sublimit of $400 per person, up to $800 per policy covering two or more persons. For further details contact your health fund direct P: 1800 603 603.
  • Queensland Country Health (Weightloss and Stop Smoking under their healthy living benefit on the Extras Cover)
  • Railway and Transport Health Fund
  • Reserve Bank Health Society
  • Teachers Federation Health

Individual Change Work

The options are:

1. The Change Package

  • A series of Four Hypnotherapeutic Sessions that will address your core concern.
  • Self-Hypnosis Audios that you can use at night when you get into bed to sleep
  • Learn a Self-Management tool that will ensure you can change the way you feel whenever you need to.

 2. The Success Package

  • A series of Six Face to Face Hypnosis Sessions.
  • Self-Hypnosis Audios that will have your subconscious mind working to move you to your desired state while you rest.
  • Daily Support with the specialist techniques you will learn and use for self-management and ongoing outcomes.

 3. The Complete Package

  • A series of Ten Hypno-therapeutic Sessions to ensure you get the change you need.
  • Self-Hypnosis Audios for home use between sessions and ongoing that will have your subconscious mind working and moving even as you rest.
  • Daily Support with specialist techniques you will learn and use for self-management and ongoing outcomes.

Group Change Work

Small group programs are offered from time to time. Sessions run for an hour once a week. Call for dates. Cost is determined by whether these are privately run programs on a fee for service basis or whether they are offered in conjunction with a local government funded service and facilitiated by Albury Hypnotherapy.

 There are various Programs and Package Options here at Transformational Therapy  


 The Hypno Weightloss Program

The hypno-weightloss program is a series of six sessions that are usually done on a weekly basis. It involves the use of hypnosis and other tools to help you shift the energy, thoughts and feelings that have kept you trapped in unhelpful ways of behaving.  See The Success Program costing below.

Hypno Band Weight Loss Program

A series of preparatory sessions and then hypnotic installation and completion of the Gastric Lap Band Surgery. Available to those who fit the criteria for the Hypno Gastric Band. $1050 +gst

 Stop Smoking Program

A series of extended sessions. Stopping is the easy part. Staying stopped is what matters. This is not a quick-fix bandaid solution. The Albury Hypnotherapy Clinic, Quit Smoking Program,is designed to ensure that you stop smoking for good. $950 +gst

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

As recommended by experts in the field of gastroenterology, IBS is treated with a series of six sessions so please look at The Success Program below.

 Past Life Regression

Available on application.  This can be done as a stand alone 3hr Session and the cost is $500 +gst.

Supported Change-work Program 

Some people like to do their change work and then enjoy the benefit of having some scheduled ongoing sessions and this program supports that. So on completion of something like the Success Package you can have additional sessions that will support you to maintain your focus. 


Counselling is available here at the Albury Clinic or by distance using Facetime or Skype. This is not just about debriefing, our counselling services are focussed on you moving through the problem, beyond it, and over to the other side as quickly and easily as possible. It is suggested that you book in for a standard hour and a half session, so that together, we can determine the best options for you, and a treatment plan can be made to suit.

The Transformation Program

The Transformation Program is really a training program rather than therapy and consists of a 6 session program that can be done in person or by skype. Cost is $990 +gst

Supervison For Professional Therapists

Face to face and online supervision, change-work and coaching  for Counsellors and Hypnotherapists is available on application and would be best suited to hypnotherapists who are also trained counsellors, as the Supervision will be recognised by both the AHA and the ACA. Fees for this service match the fee schedule for clients. You are welcome to call Karen personally on 0409 777 116 or email her at to discuss your situation.

 Flower Essences

Personalised ABFE are available as an adjunct and can be made up during your consultation. Cost for the personalised flower essences is $15 each.

Methods of Payment

EFTPOS,Credit Card, Cash and Direct Deposit payments are all accepted      

Individual Sessions

Initial session runs a little longer than normal, usually 90 minutes as this allows us to get some history and background before undertaking the work. $225 +gst

Individual stand-alone sessions are 60 minutes. $195 +gst


  1. The Change Package - $720 +gst
  2. The Success Package - $990 +gst
  3. The Complete Package - $1500 +gst


Appointments are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday's by Appointment. 


With the exception of genuine emergencies, please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice to reschedule your appointment so that cancellation fees do not have to be discussed. 


There is free 1 hour parking on David Street itself but most people take advantage of the car park at the rear of the Cinema Centre. Another good alternative is to park underneath the Myers Complex on the corner of David and Swift Streets which is just a block away and across from the Cinema Centre carpark. Parking is also available behind the clinic in the sign posted area during the summer months.



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