Restless Legs Syndrome

restless legs diagnosisRestless Legs Syndrome or RLS as it is sometimes referred to, is a disorder of the nervous system and it is a major cause of sleep problems.

Restless Legs Syndrome affects up to ten percent of the population and has been found to be more common in women.

Although many sufferers are middle aged,  RLS can start at any age.

Doctors don’t know the cause and there is no medical test for diagnosis, but what is known, is that a reduction in alcohol consumption and healthy levels of sleep can help reduce the severity of the symptoms.

There is also substantiating evidence that a reduction in stress will improve sleep, and we know that a shift in the 'charge' around troublesome events of the past can ease the burden of the mind and that the body will respond accordingly.

It seems logical that reducing stress and tension, promoting positive life-style changes that include food and rest and regular exercise will support a healthy nervous system.

It just makes sense that Hypnosis will help alleviate the severity of symptoms and in some cases completely eradicate them, and I've seen it happen.

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Articles and Research Papers

Restless Legs Syndrome Linked to Earlier Death Risk:  In a statement Gao says their study "highlights the importance of recognizing this common but underdiagnosed disease", which affects 5 to 10% of adults around the US. Medical News Today by Catherine Paddock PhD

Restless Legs: Most people with RLS also have a condition called periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD). PLMD is a condition in which a person's legs twitch or jerk uncontrollably, usually during sleep. PLMD and RLS can also affect the arms. Medline Plus - The US National Library of Medicine



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