Misophonia, Anxiety, OCD and Depression


When I came to Karen, I was distraught about who I was. I had obsessive compulsive disorder, misophonia, social anxiety and depression. I had a history of eating disorders, and had unwillingly accepted the fact that this was who I was, and would often joke that I was "broken". I would cull friends relentlessly because of my excessively high standards, and would risk my life on the road by being obsessed with my left and right tyres hitting an even amount of light reflectors. After 6 sessions, I can truly appreciate and love myself for who I am. I am constantly challenging my thinking styles and recognising and congratulating myself for successes, instead of thinking "I could have done better if…". I am confident in saying that I am thriving in my social life and relationships, my university degree, my physical health and my mental health...  Karen is a brilliant woman, who tells it like it is. I cannot thank her enough for taking me through this program, and I truly have to thank myself for making this change. A.T. Ivanhoe

Happily Married

Hi Karen,
I know it has been a while since our meeting and I hope you are doing well...I wanted to say a big Thank You to you. You helped me not only learn about my anxiety & panic attacks, but put me on the path to get over my fears of 'getting stuck' in a crappy marriage like my parents (stupid childhood issues)... Yes, I got married a couple of months ago... and that wouldn't have happened (at least not happily) without your assistance, so thank you... Keep up the great work! T.R. Albury-Wodonga

Life Is Easierlife is easier

... Whilst the specifics of my transformation are private, I can unequivically say that life is easier, more complete and more joyful as a result of this amazing program. Karen is a warm, humorous and thoroughly professional facilitator who challenged and supported me on this journey. Whether it is a major overhaul or a few tweaks that you want to address, please don't hesitate to embrace... [this]. You have nothing to lose and a wonderful life to gain! K.G. Yack

I Even Stopped Smoking

I went to see Karen for a range of issues. My marriage wasnt what it could be, anxiety had been stopping me from doing the things Ive wanted to do for years and although I didnt really believe that six weeks could create this much change, it really has... Ive never felt more confident that I can deal with the things that life brings my way. I handle the kids and extended family alot better, my marriage is back on track and I feel more like myself than I have for years. I even stopped smoking which is something Ive struggled with for years, and it was easy! Now Im focussing on what I want and know that I can achieve it. Its a great feeling. Im so thankful. B.J. Wagga Wagga

My Daughters Fear of Being Sickfear of being sick

Karen, thank you so much for your candour and for guiding me through this whole process. Your advice and insight were invaluable! I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to take control of their life. I initially called Karen to see if she could help my daughter with emetophobia and to my disappointment she recommended I do the program instead... Working with Karen I had many light bulb moments and discovered a lot of things about myself....  I thoroughly enjoyed this programme and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives. Having Karen guide me through the whole process and challenge many of my beliefs was extremely helpful and rewarding. D. C. Melbourne

Fear of Gastro

"I am high on life! I now have all the tools to create a happier and healthier life for myself. As long as I can remember I have had a fear of gastro. I have tried a number of counselling options, self-help tools, exposure therapies and research into trying to change this. I was one call away from asking my doctor for medication when I found Karen’s website.... the support and guidance from Karen has helped me to open previously hidden doorways into success and happiness. It has helped me to work towards abolishing this fear out of my life for good. My outlook on daily life is positive, my relationship with my husband has improved... Most importantly my relationship with myself is stronger than ever and I am achieving things I once saw as impossible..." K.H. Adelaide


weightloss, no depression, better relationship

Dear Karen, I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for all the work you have done with me. WOW is all I can say. A couple of months ago I had just come off my anti-depression/anxiety tablets for medical reaonss. I didnt know what I should do. I was ok, but my weight had become an issue so I decided to see Kare to try to lose the weight. To understand more: I work on a far and to keep my energy levesl up I used to drink up to 2 litres of coke a day and drink 4 x 600ml of iced coffee. I didnt really eat anything during the day and at night I would have tea then when I went to bed I used ot snake on anything thtat was in the cupboard. I would even polish off a block of chocolate in a night too. Two and a half months since my hypnosis  with Karne and my whole life has turned around; 

  • My relationship with my partner has gotten a lot better in many ways
  • The anxiety has GONE. And yes I still get upset but I am able to deal with different situations now
  • I'm not on any medication and I'm so happy
  • To top it all off, I have completely stopped drinking coke and iced coffee, no more snacking at night, no chocolate anymore and now I am eating healthy foods
  • In two and a half months I have lost 9 and a half kilograms

The only regret I have is that I didnt see Karen years ago! Thank you Karen. S.L. NE Victoria


Dear Karen, I feel so much better than I did before I came to see you. It has definately been a life changing experience and I’ll tell you why. Before I came to see you I was in a constant state of depression and did not like myself or feel like I was going anywhere in my life. Eighteen, with no job, no licence, and no future to look forward to. I felt dumb, like an outcast to be honest. But I now realize that this was all self-talk and that I had made this a reality for myself. All the stuff I had been saying to myself had really made an impact on my life and I needed to take action on how I was thinking but I didn’t know how to do that.  But that day, by just following the process you taught me it went from being the worst day, and it was suddenly the best day I'd had all month. I have stopped my negative thoughts and  I am currently studying towards my dream job. I really feel a lot more confident and definately alot smarter! Afterall, next year I am going for my diploma. Now that’s cool! So thank you . B.H. Yackandandah 

Social Anxiety 

At 22yrs of age I was suffering from social anxiety, doubting myself and my abilities, I was allowing my past to cloud my future judgement and outlook on the world and the person that I was. I was finally ready for change. I was lucky enough to find Karen and began working on a life transformation through my sessions. I have now finished all my sessions with Karen. I have made peace with my past, I am confident, empowered and have that motivation to lead a successful life. I had all these qualities to begin with but life happened and I had lost touch on who I was, Karen helped me find myself again and brought everything I needed for success to the surface. Karen I owe everything to you, you have made my heart happy again and you have put the life back inside of me. You have given me freedom and you have helped me find my magic and now that I have it the sky is the limit. What you have given me I will have that for the rest of my life and I am so grateful. Thankyou. K.B. Wagga Wagga

Stop Smoking

I stopped smoking

Thank you so much!! I have tried to stop smoking in the past but it never stuck, even with other hypnotherapists. I  always had the thought in the back of my head that quitting was only temporary, that I would go back to smoking one day but you have changed all of that. Today is my 100th day of being cigarette free and I feel fabulous! I can breathe, I no longer smell of smoke which means I also no longer pile on the perfume, my teeth are whiter, my breath much more pleasant, my skin and eyes are clearer, my laugh doesn't have that awful rasping sound, my car even smells clean – its fabulous!

 In the 100 days I have travelled through Bali for 2 weeks where people smoke everywhere and all of the time with a committed smoker and not once did I feel the urge to light up. I have been to music festivals with smokers,  been out for drinks, BBQ's, dinner & coffee's with smokers, driven my car long distances, had some emotional ups and downs – all of these would have been triggers for me in the past but not any more. I feel empowered. It has been pretty easy to brush away any slight urges that I have had so now I know that there is no way I am ever going to light up again, the mere thought makes my stomach churn. According to Quitbuddy on this 100th day I have saved $2047 (straight into the holiday fund), not smoked 2000 cigarettes and have avoided over 16,000 mg of tar. Pretty amazing and you enabled it. Thank you so very much. N.C. Albury

Immensely Helpfultransformational therapy

Your foundation with our sessions have been immensely helpful to get to a better place and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. S.M. Sydney


"This program has changed my way of thinking. It has given me a life gift which is a sense of calm and harmony. I'm thankful to you Karen a million times for your incredible help!!!" A.K. Melbourne.

Life is so Good

"I didnt think I would feel so different after doing this program. It's been amazing. I had no idea how my thinking was messing up my life. I now watch my internal chatter and as a result, I feel so different. I'm happy, more relaxed, Im coping better with my life and handling my relationships. I'd recommend the program to everyone!" A.F. Wodonga

 Weightloss Hypnosis fixes Phone Phobia


Good Morning Karen, I thought that I would give you an update of my progress. I would like to thank you for all you have done for me, I came to you to lose a few pounds, but I have gained so much more. I have lost 6 kg to date and I am half way to where I would like to be, which is just fantastic. I no longer crave any foods and although I still have all the foods that I used to snack on still in the house I have no desire to eat any of them. My family has also greatly benefited as their meals are much more healthier now too. Not only have you helped me lose the weight that I just couldn't shift you have also given me a better outlook on life. I have always considered myself a very confident person, however with your help my confidence has grown greatly as has my outlook on life. I am a much happier person and seem to take great joy in the simple things in life! So for that I thank you. My only regret is that I didn't call you sooner.I have recommended you to a number of friends and I know that they will benefit as much as I have. I love the self hypnosis CDs, I listen to them often and find that they keep me "on track". I now go to the gym three times a week and have also taken up yoga! I am enjoying exercising so much more. Thanks so much for all your help Karen, you are amazing. Hey, I also forgot to add that you have cured me of a slight phobia that I had. I was always very nervous using a phone, worried that I would say something dumb or just stuff things up, to the point where I would rather email than call people and I would put it off and off and not do it until the last minute. Not anymore, in the last two weeks I have had to call various people (ranging in ranks from Brigadier to Sergeant) and I did not hesitate once :) Thanks! M.N. Baranduda

Depression and Anxiety

Locked in through anxiety

Sometime ago I suffered a major downfall in my life. Anxiety pretty much ruled my life. I wouldn’t sleep, I wouldn’t socialize, and I wouldn’t accept help, I was depressed. I was too afraid. Not too long ago I still did those things. The amount of money my mum spent on me still, to this day, makes me feel so guilty. I was put on medication (something my dad objected to immediately) I was counselled at school as well as out, I even went on a holiday by myself away from everything. Nothing was working. Mum was afraid. My whole family was afraid for me, but I didn’t care. When it got to the stage where everyone around me was beginning to get affected, I started to come to realization, and trust me when I say that doing so was the hardest thing in my life. It really was. I needed to change, and I needed to do it now, before I’d be too afraid to do so. When a friend of ours suggested Hypnotherapy, I became sceptic. But, the truth is, it turned out to be the best thing I ever did. Karen (tah!) guided me through it, asked permission, and even asked what I wanted her do. I told her, I told her everything. It just came out. When I went under, I was completely aware. I was asleep and not asleep, I was myself but not myself. I heard everything she told me, and to this fine day I still remember everything. When it was over, I literally smiled. I smiled for the whole day. I could feel the change. I wasn’t afraid anymore. Everything is different now. I laugh, I socialize, I SLEEP!!! When I look back on those hard moments, I honestly laugh at how selfish I was. Everyone was afraid for me, but I wouldn’t listen. I just stayed in my room and listened to music, and sometimes I stayed there for days. Thank you Karen for turning me into a human and not a walking corpse. It was worth it. I was 16 when I decided to change; please don’t you wait any longer. Z.C. of Lavington

Wedding Nerves

Hi Karen, I have been meaning to get onto my emails to thank you since my last session with you. I arrived as you know in such an emotional state, after my 6th and last session with you, I left feeling stronger, confident and stress free. The aim for my sessions was to give me some sort of control and be able to get through my upcoming Wedding Ceremony without losing it too much. To speak our vows for everyone to hear, not to be crying from start to finish. You gave me so much more than this - it is truly a life lesson, one that everyone should experience no matter what lifestyle they live. People in general would learn to be so much happier and relaxed!! You have truly helped me escape to places that I didn't think was possible. For those people needing help, you should definately give hypnotherapy a go. I didn't want my sessions with you to end!! It's great to just meet a person and feel as though you can read exactly who I am. So, here I am, truly grateful for your help. Thankyou Karen. T.S. Wodonga

Depression, Anger & Anxiety

Karens EFT Workshop

I met Karen at an EFT workshop in my search for tools and skills to deal with anger and hurt from a divorce and with a 16 year old daughter diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder at the age of 10. Karen informed me she had had great success with teenagers with anxiety, and of course my ears pricked up. We had already seen a paediatrician and psychologist for three years with no progress, a year at NECAMHS with a psychiatrist and counsellor, followed by a year with our GP and then back to NECAMHS with a counsellor and little improvement. We also made lifestyle changes, diet and exercise. My daughter was not ready to commit, but Karen said great success had been achieved with the main caregiver doing the program.

I DID IT – what an amazing program. I have suffered with depression and anxiety on and off my whole life, my ex-husband and our three children each had mental health issues. Finally, after all my searching and reading I stumbled upon this and it is life changing! Light bulb moments were had – I come from a family who have unhelpful thinking and NOW I have the skills and tools to change my life. In fact I started to change and now my daughter is doing some huge things. I can’t recommend the program highly enough (it’s brilliant) and Karen is an awesome facilitator. Thank you Karen x   L.R. Wodonga

No More Hoarding

Treatment for Hoarding

I've thrown out all my mags and started tidying under the surface. I have held onto every magazine I bought for the last 15-20 years, but no more. Before, I just never let anything go. I've also tossed out all the holey towels and mismatched sheets. It was hard, but it is done. I've gone through all the cupboards, even through the bathroom cabinet and half empty containers have been thrown in the bin! I can't really believe it and I\'m still sorting through things and getting them gone. S.H. Wodonga

Back on Track

Since doing the program with Karen my life is bigger, brighter and more exciting than it has ever been. Before hiring Karen as my coach I was lost. Life was a daily challenge and I had sooo... many limiting beliefs that I was holding myself back at every turn. Now I feel I can do anything and I am just about to launch into a new and exciting career. Karen is warm, straight forward ( which I needed as Karen didn't let me get away with being indecisive or should I say wishy washy) and she has an unbelievable talent for helping people overcome life's challenges. Karen has inspired me to grab life with both hands, be kinder to myself and chase my dreams. I would recommend Karen to anyone needing a helping hand to reclaim their lives and live well.Thank you Karen . You are awesome! AG - North East Victoria

Childhood Trauma, Shyness and Low Confidence

childhood traumaWhen I started the 6 session program, I had little hope for full recovery - low confidence, childhood trauma and some natural shyness of character were making me feel overwhelmed by every day activities and tasks. When an argument at work spiraled into an all out war, I fell physically ill and hid inside my house - in darkness and silence - overwhelmed by any outside stimulation.

Having some non-main stream hobbies and interests in the esoteric, I felt more comfortable with Karen rather then taking the path of psychoanalysis; I felt that Karen would understand where I (and my issues) were coming from.

Within the first couple of weeks I let go of most of my parental issues, including a history of violence between my parents and the figurative loss of my father, with whom I was very close as a child.

For the better part of last 5 years, I've had periods of unusual electrical activity - I would go through weeks and sometimes months of zapping anything made out of metal with a static charge. I was going through one of those episodes at the time I met Karen. After the first session, the electrical charge went away - which was a relief. After the 3rd session it came back, but in a controlled way - I would discharge static at a closest metal object whet I was in company with a person whose energy didn't agree with me. This was interesting - and most useful in my line of work - like gaining another sense.

In the following sessions I learned to let go of the daily routine tasks which I used to perform compulsively, driving myself and my domestics crazy, while stressing myself out. I feel so much more free now and capable of enjoying life.

The 6 session program has made me more familiar with myself - my challenges as well as my talents and unique abilities. I've learned to love my body and my mind again. Although gaining of confidence was never a specific goal through the program, I now feel free to be myself, able to express my opinions and my creativity without fear of being judged or disliked by others - I realised it was ok to be me - in all my glorious weirdness - and that is just so much fun! Thank you, Karen! T.K. 

OCD, Disordered Eating, Social Anxiety

Dear Karen, Thank you so much for helping my daughter. To see her grow in her confidence in all ways where she was struggling is incredible. I cannot express enough, how amazing this feeling is! After seeing psychologists on and off for a few years with no real improvements you have helped her in just 6 weeks. You have taught her how to change her thought processes confidently and to be in control when she feels overwhelmed. I would encourage any parent to do this program along with their child as the gains that I got, not only helped me to work along-side my daughter and have a better understanding, but helped me in my own beliefs and has improved my life also. Thank you again I am truly grateful. A. V. Melbourne

Healthy Eating & Self Esteem

healthy eating

After many years of battling my weight and trying different programs, I finally reached out to Karen. I did six sessions and after the first week I was armed with a better understanding of what foods my body needed, the importance of an exercise plan and some homework exercises. As I progressed through the weeks, I was making significant progress in terms of weight loss and changing my self-image from negative to positive. I lost 8 kgs, but importantly, I have a huge bounce in my step, positive attitude towards life, an increase in self-esteem and general self-worth (I can now look at myself in the mirror without cringing) and very committed to healthy eating and daily exercise (actually the whole family has followed in my footsteps). So if you are in doubt of needing the incentive to take that dreaded first step, feel reassured this does work and does change lives. I just keep going from strength to strength. Thanks. M.H. Jindera

In Control

walked in tentative and left happy

Six weeks ago I walked tentatively in to Karen's clinic, not knowing what to expect, or what could be achieved. All I knew is that I had been trying to get past alot of tough things in my life, and seemed to be just going around in circles. Over the 6 weeks, through various techniques, Karen has been able to guide me onto the path I wanted and needed to be on. I feel soooooo good, deep deep inside. I have never felt this way before..in control. I mean really in control. A deep seeded internal peace. I feel incredible. Its hard to articulate the changes I feel... and the tough things on repeat, gone, really truely gone.                                                                                                 Thankyou Karen for this amazing feeling and change.  S.D. Blue Mountains

Anxiety and Depression

For fifteen years Ive been dealing with anxiety and depression. Ive been to many psychologists, tried CBT. None of which helped me long-term. I found Karen while trawling through Google, diagnosing myself with cancer for the hundredth time! After reading the testimonials I gave Karen a call. This program is hands down the best decision I've made in years. I've just completed the six week programme and already Ive made huge improvements in my life! I'm really enjoying rediscovering who I am, and looking forard to being the person I've always wanted to be. JG Sydney

Improved Health

Feeling good overall

Dear Karen, I just wanted to thank you. Since I had my hypnosis sessions with you I am happy to say that my overall health has much improved. As you know, I suffer with a lot of pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis and as a result of that, I used to average one day a month of full bed rest, but over the last year, that has not been necessary. I sleep much better now and my weight is now stable. Thank you. A.Mc Wodonga

My Daughters Emetophobia

Karen, thank you so much for your candour and for guiding me through this whole process. Your advice and insight were invaluable! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to take control of their life. I initially called Karen to see if she could help my daughter with emetophobia and to my disappointment she recommended I do the program instead. I’ve always considered myself a happy and optimistic person, but what I didn’t realise was that I was also, at times, my own worst enemy...Working  with Karen I had many light bulb moments and discovered a lot of things about myself.... I soon came to realise that the way I reacted to certain situations directly affected my children and those around me...  I thoroughly enjoyed this program and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives. Having Karen guide me through the whole process and challenge many of my beliefs was extremely helpful and rewarding. D. C. Melbourne

Sleep Problem

Sleep Problem

For many years I have had interrupted sleep, waking many times during the night to worry about just about anything and everything!

After just two simple sessions of hypnotherapy with Karen I have slept soundly through the night for months. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy with Karen as it has made a huge difference to my physical and emotional health. C.N. of Lavington


I had tried everything! My GP was telling me that there's nothing more he can do, that the problem isn't my body, that it's all in my head. I didn't believe him. There had to be something wrong with me to cause this much pain when having sex. After a few months I started thinking "If it's in my head, I have to fix my head before this relationship breaks". We hadn't had successful sex for 13 months.... There was nothing else I could do, so I decided I may as well give it a go as I had nothing to lose. After the very first session I was able to be intimate with my partner pain free! ... I am pain free and my relationship has returned to normal... CD - Albury NSW


family christmasA friend recommended this programme. I was very sceptical as I had tried all sorts of treatments previously, that had helped, but never long-term. Coming from a violent alcoholic background, my self-esteem and confidence was at its lowest ... looking at my thoughts, and the patterns that I was used to ... it was confronting... then I had Christmas to deal with; family, negative old pattterns. I arrived at my sisters, old patterns were emerging, insults directed at me, waiting for the old me to emerge. [But] I was calm, I was strong, I am doing this. They couldnt change my thought patterns, the snide remarks didnt affect me anymore. What a remarkable journey. I'm not saying its easy, I have to work at it everyday, but its becoming easier every day. I love my life, I love me, I'm finally at peace with myself, the noise has gone from my head. Michelle Beechworth

Surgical Procedure

Lap Band SurgeryRecently I underwent two Stereotactic Breast Biopsies, a very emotionally and physically painful procedure. I listened to Karen’s 'Relax and Let Go self-hypnosis audio a few nights prior, which really helped to calm down my fears. I brought an IPod, with the recording to the procedure. Doing the self hypnosis, is what got me through it. By the second one, I was not sure I was going to be able to lie still for another hour. I tried to focus on music, but that did not work. I put the self-hypnosis recording back on and I was able to stay calm and handle the discomfort. Thank You Karen! J LD Honolulu, Hawaii

The most important thing in life is to be present for it. Some show up and scatter their thoughts and energies willy nilly. Those that arrive and choose to be present with life, in their life – whatever that may be, are truly blessed beyond all imaginings.




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